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Reach for gold! Competition for the MTP Gold Medal has started!


The MTP Gold Medal is one of the most recognizable awards on the Polish market, which is awarded - after a thorough evaluation by experts - to innovative products of the highest quality.


The EKO-LAS 2023 fair will take place on September 7-9, 2023. Also during this edition, there will be an official presentation of the Gold Medal to the winners of the competition.

The Gold Medal is already a recognizable brand. Innovation, ingenuity and modernity are appreciated in the competition.

Products and services that will be presented at the fair stands and stand out on the market due to their quality, technological or utility values ​​and can be a model for others can be submitted to the competition.

Creating innovation requires going beyond the beaten paths and ways of thinking. Not every company can do this. That is why we reward business leaders for innovative products and solutions, because entering new fields and standing out requires, above all, courage.

The winners proudly present this prestigious award won at the MTP Group fair, not only at the exhibition, but also use this motif in communication directed to contractors, end users and consumers.

Applications can be sent via the Exhibitor's Zone portal until August 5, 2023.