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OTL Jarocin presents a noveltys in its offer for the EKO-LAS Fair


OTL Jarocin presents a noveltys in its offer for the EKO-LAS Fair – WMB forest plantation weeding mulcher and the first Polish forwarder F6.

The first Polish forwarder F6 with a capacity of 8 tons produced by OTL Jarocin is a narrow and maneuverable thinning machine designed for fast and efficient timber logging.

The overall width of 2.27 m and a turning angle of 40 degrees allow for efficient movement outside the skidding trails.

Air-conditioned, swivel and leveled cab bring the operator's safety and comfort to the highest level. The cabin has ROPS, FOPS and OPS certificates issued by the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty - JCW ITP. NB 1459.

The eight-wheel chassis based on two independent bogie axles with a ground clearance of almost 60 centimeters makes the machine easily drive through all terrain obstacles. The pressure of the forwarder on the ground surface is reduced thanks to the distribution of weight over 8 wheels, which allows it to work even on boggy areas.

Powered by a 120 horsepower engine that provides enough power for the machine to run freely, while being economical and environmentally friendly.

Hydrostatic-mechanical all-wheel drive (8x8) with axle lock increases the traction capabilities of the machine.

The reinforced, lockable center joint guarantees trouble-free operation even under the highest loads.

Equipped with a 8.8 m outreach crane with a double telescope (2x 1.7 m), it is the ideal machine for trail thinning, off-trail and clearing work.

The load area is 4.2 m long and has a cross-section area of 2.87 m2, equipped with a sliding grate and the rear stake beam, which allows it to be adapted to the length of the assortments being logged.

The control panel, based on the CAN bus, allows to keep track of all important operating parameters such as engine speed, driving speed, coolant temperature, fuel level.


OTL Jarocin





Engine manufacturer


Engine model


Emission level

Tier 4

Engine capacity, ltr


Engine power, kW (HP)


Torque, Nm (lbf / ft)

500 (369) @ 1500 rpm  


8 x 8  



Number of axles


Front tires

500/60-22,5TT T421

Rear tires

500/60-22,5TT T421

Total length, mm

9 000 

Height, mm

3 307

Width, mm

2 270

Turning angle, degrees


Turning radius, m


Transverse track, mm

1 735

Wheelbase, mm

4 340  

Ground clearance, mm


Crane reach, m


Gross lifting torque, kNm

60 (at 4.0 m)

Net lifting torque, kNm

41 (at 4.0 m)

Load area length, mm

4 200 + 600 

Load area, m2


Fuel tank, dm3


Load capacity, tonnes


Max. speed, km/h


Tractive force, kN


Drive pump capacity, cm³


Crane pump capacity, cm³


Electric system


Curb weight, kg

10 865


OTL Jarocin presents a novelty in its offer for the EKO-LAS Fair – WMB forest plantation weeding mulcher.

The forest plantation weeding mulcher WMB has been designed for maintenance of forest plantations between rows of seedlings. It is available in two versions:

- with its own hydraulic system driven by the tractor's PTO - as a basic version for small tractors with weak hydraulic pumps. It can work with tractors from 75 HP.

- version driven by the tractor's external hydraulic system and it has been designed for modern tractors with adjustable external hydraulic capacity (recommended approx. 70l / min).


The version with an external hydraulic drive allows 3 variants of operation: 1. machine in the rear and driving forward,

  1. machine in the rear and driving in reverse (working heads can be turned back to front),
  2. machine on the tractor's front three-point hinge and driving forward (heads turned).

The device consists of two flail mulcher heads and can be hinged on the tractor's rear or front three-point linkage. Standard heads working width with 14 flails is 86.5 cm.

The heads have been designed and tested typically to work in forestry. Wide heads with 98 cm working width and 16 flails are optionally available.

Spacing of the heads can be controlled during operation. The position of each of the heads can be controlled separately, adapting to the unevenness of the plowing. The width of the space between heads is adjustable in the range between 24 and 55 cm.

The support shaft in the heads allows for adjustment of the working height. Hammers can go below the ground, destroying root systems, or work above ground level, breaking up only the above-ground parts of undesirable vegetation.

The suspension of the working heads allows their position to be adjusted to the ground surface in every plane and it is a “floating” suspension in terms of the working height. The heads freely overcome obstacles in the form of stumps. The tractor's ground clearance limits the height of seedlings (approx. 70 cm).

The hydraulic drive in the machine is secured by a valve that regulates the flow and limits the rotation of the head.


The recommended working speed of up to 3 km / h translates into an effectiveness of approx. 2 ha per working shift – line belt requires only one working ride. Achieving this performance depends on the local preparation conditions and the condition of the surface.

The version with its own hydraulic system, driven by the PTO, allows operation at a low engine speed, which significantly reduces operating costs. The WMB brushcutter has been secured in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Heads’ working width

750 / 865 / 980 mm

Number of flails on one shaft

12 / 14 / 16 pcs

Recommended oil flow

70 l/min

Required hydraulic pressure

19 Mpa

Nominal PTO RPM for own hydraulic system version

750 or 1000 RPM


Up to 2 ha / working shift

Recommended working ride speed

~1,2 – 3 km/h

Space between heads width

24 – 55 cm

Maximum height of obstacles

~32 cm