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Eko-Las 2023 Fair has come to an end


More than 150 exhibitors from 8 countries, thousands of visitors, hundreds of experts, and all this at the Eko-Las fair. Forests in Świebodzin Forest District have long been our favorite destination, because every edition brings record numbers, as well as unforgettable memories.


"Forestry accounts for 3% of Polish GDP. Poland is also 7th in terms of timber exports in the world, behind such powers as the United States or Canada. On the other hand, it can be said that they import from us such significant economies as Germany's or China's." - says Filip Bittner, Vice President of the Management Board of MTP Group.

The Vice-President of the Management Board of Grupa MTP notes how a large part of the Polish economy is the wood and forestry sector. Through the next edition of the Eko-Las fair, we want to build knowledge about new technologies and solutions that aim to build even stronger forest management.

"There are more and more willing to invest in equipment that will improve working conditions. I myself have been running the Forest Services Department since 2000 and I know how it looked at the beginning, how many accidents we had before we had full mechanization." - says Tomasz Karataj, Owner of Forest Services Department

The words of Mr. Tomasz Karataj emphasize that the Eko-Las fair is not only about building awareness about the use of new technologies and machines. It is also, and even above all, taking care of the safety of work in the forest, and thanks to the ubiquitous mechanization, reducing accidents to an absolute minimum.

"We have the opportunity to present the machines in one place at the same time, for all the people involved in the industry. The scale of the event is so large that we have the opportunity to show all the machines we have on offer, talk with our customers, meet them, spend time with them, talk about the details - about their business" - says Łukasz Zdziennicki, Ropa Polska Manager.

As Mr. Łukasz Zdziennicki presents the Eko-Las Fair, it is the best place to establish new business contacts and deepen those already established. Thanks to the area of 23 hectares of exhibition space, our exhibitors have the opportunity to show their entire collection of machines, including the largest ones.