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Eko-Las 2021 – Gold Medal


Choose the best product at the EKO-LAS 2021 trade fair.

1.     RTK CHC LT700H tablet, which achieves one centimetre of measurement accuracy in the forest


CHC Navigation / TAXUS IT Sp. z o. o


RTK LT700H tablet - precision and comfort you can rely on. With the integration of the controller and the GNSS antenna, it provides unprecedented comfort in use. The device allows for the accuracy of measurements at the level of 1 cm. Additionally, one battery lasts up to 12 hours of field work! The set also includes a replaceable battery. Moreover, the installed USB-C socket enable the device to be charged with any power-bank or car charger. RTK LT700H tablet has been tested and is fully compatible with 'mLas Inzynier' app. This means that all the data you need is stored in one place. Data can be integrated and used without performance limitations. It is possible thanks to high computing power (8 cores of 2.2 GHz, 4Gb RAM), Android 8.1 system, 8 ”screen and full compatibility with our application. LT700H device with the Helix antenna alone is enough to achieve the highest RTK precision. The antenna may be also mounted on a pole, providing even more precise measurement.




2.     WMB forest flail brushcutter


Ośrodek Techniki Leśnej (Forest Technology Centre)


WMB brushcutter responds the needs of the forestry industry resulting from the lack of people for forest maintenance works. WMB consists of two flail heads and may be mounted on the rear or front three-point linkage of tractors. The mowing width of heads is 86.5 cm. They are equipped with 14 flails and their position is controlled from the tractor cabin. The heads move freely through the stumps. The drive is protected by a flow-control valve, which reduces rotations of the head. Own hydraulic system provides operation at low engine speed, which reduces operating costs.