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Are you interested in applying modern technologies in forests?


Check the program of the training panel for professionals in the forestry industry, prepared by the Center for Development and Implementation of State Forests in Bedoń.

Presentations and trainings at the stand of the State Forests Development and Implementation Center will take place every day between September 11 and 13, 2020. Their slogan will be "Implementation of modern technologies in forests".

We invite all forest industry professionals, foresters, lumberjacks, forest entrepreneurs and wood growers to participate. 

The program includes 3 thematic areas:

1. Work optimization - stocking courses - covering the topic of ergonomic and economic optimization of forestry works

2. New technologies - consultations with experts - including, among others consultations with experts on the advantages and disadvantages of wood measurement technology, the use of drones in forestry, as well as a presentation of the test results of the electronic wood measurement system.

3. First aid - including professional instruction, equipment presentation and the possibility of verifying one's own knowledge and skills in this field.