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We know the Polish Champion of Forwarder Operators!

9/11/2023 1:38:45 PM


The winner of the 4th Polish Championship of Forwarders was chosen! The best was Kacper Kaczyński, who will be able to represent Poland at the World Championships!


On September 8, 2023 in Mostki near Świebodzin took place the 4th Polish Championship of Forwarders Operators! This event took place on the occasion of the Eko-Las fair. The project attracted an excellent audience, which cheered and was fascinated by the activities of the operators.

The competition was attended by the best operators from all over Poland. The competitors competed on a specially marked track, where both agility and speed were important. Competitions were chosen to highlight the skills indicated. The hardest thing turned out to be laying the tower out of chopped pieces of wood, it was, as it turned out, a decisive skill to be able to dream of the best possible result.

Of all the riders, Kacper Kaczyński turned out to be the best, who with a time of 4:05 in the final round beat Marian Favorka. Third place was taken by Piotr Kwiatkowski. All competitors showed great knowledge about the use of the machine in their work, for which we heartily congratulate.

Competitors taking part in the Championship had to choose forwarders of the following brands:

It was not only a record edition in terms of available machines for operators, but also the number of entries and an excellent audience. Professional sound system and the presence of a speaker further raised the rank of the event.

The finalists received the following prizes:

1st place - 2 500 PLN

2nd place - 1 000 PLN

3rd place - 500 PLN

as well as a prize for the winner:

1st place - mobile tank for diesel oil SWIMER mobi5S 400l

Gulf has also prepared for the finalists a prize in the form of Gulf oil worth 500 PLN


We would like to thank all co-organizers, main sponsors and sponsors.